It’s almost the weekend & thoughts on LinkedIn

One more day to go! I’m taking an extended break this weekend just to try and recharge my batteries and shake off this cold.

I’m now working a half day on Tuesday as I have picked up some consulting work which I am keen to start on.

It’s been over a month since I left Vital and I’m really pleased at how things have gone work wise although I am in no way complacent, over the years I have spent a lot of time on LinkedIn raising my profile and I genuinely feel that this has helped me get my business off the ground. It’s certainly something that I would recommend people do. As well as publishing my blog, I try and post an article or a thought on a daily basis. I also pretty much accept every request to connect and answer every message as promptly as possible. I also comment on or share other people’s posts where possible.

Finally, I’m back over to Solihull to spend the day with the Wrapchic team.

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