Planning & other stuff

Most of my time at Wrapchic has been spent putting together what will be (hopefully) a viable medium term plan which looks at this year and then the three years after this. We have deliberately low balled our expectations as there are still numerous headwinds out there from which no business is immune.

Wrapchic is a simple brand with most of the hard work being done centrally at our production kitchen which ensure that each store needs minimal back of house space and has a reduced labour cost. Given the situation with ever increasing property costs being able to work off a small footprint is a real blessing.

For now we are also avoiding the central London “battleground”. Rents are really crazy (I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the new rent for our old Baker Street location) and good staff are hard to come by and hard to keep. Plus the competition is fierce. We are quite happy, opening up in airports, shopping centres, motorway service stations and high streets outside of London.

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