It’s been a while since I have had to endure a 3.45 am alarm call, however today is the day that I make the trip down to london for a series of meetings. It’s a long day as I am on the 5.20 train south and then back on the 7.45 train this evening. We have meetings with a number of potential franchisees plus a catch ups meeting. I take the slow train to London which allows me to take advantage of the free wifi and gives me 3 hours admin time. Today’s time is taken up with responding to LinkedIn messages, dealing with emails from several inboxes plus finishing a report on Howe best to grow a brand which I am working on, this topic will be the subject of my talk at the Excel arena later this year.

Yesterday was spent with one of the wrapchic franchisees visiting his outlets which was fun, the day ended on a high note as I had a great interview with a lady who will be running our airport location and who has the potential to become our first area manager.


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