Helping small business grow? How??

As a consultant I tend to focus most of my time in two areas, distressed businesses which require some sort of turn around and small businesses (or even just an idea) which need to grow. So what can a consultant do to practically help a small business grow? Quite a lot actually.

For a start a consultant can help founders evaluate their business and the people within it and come up with a medium term plan, or a growth strategy (call it what you will) which at the very least ensures that the business has clearly defined goals and an idea of its priorities which will then allow everyone within the business to focus their efforts on the making the difference that makes the difference.

So what else? A well connected consultant should have a pretty comprehensive address book of reliable and proven business contacts that can be called upon to help a small business. Be it suppliers or people.

An experienced consultant can prevent many of the mistakes that small businesses tend to make thus saving them time and money. Most of us have trodden this well worn path before so know what to look out for and how to avoid slip ups.

We can provide a good sounding board for entrepreneurs and can help them sense check their ideas (or help them ration their “good ideas” so that the rest of their business can keep up with them)

We are usually quite good at gauging just how much process is required within a growing business and helping business owners implement these processes without them adversely impacting the culture of the business.

Finally, thinking back to the business plan, we can help execute it which is not a simple task.

The list goes on but I’ve captured the main points. If you are a small business looking for a helping hand then check out my website and get in touch.

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