It’s been a pretty hectic year or so at Vital and as a business we have achieved a number of notable (at least in my opinion) things but for me, the things that I am the proudest of is the work which my team has done with regards to succession planning and development. I’m really lucky to have a fantastic head of training as part of my team who has made a real difference to people’s careers and by doing this has added huge value to our business. What been particularly pleasing so the number of people who have made it to assistant manager and who now stand on the cusp of securing their first role as a general manager and who, because of the development which they have received will make a real success of this.

Whenever things get tough or I am having a particularly shitty day I remind myself that the people within our business are what really matters and then think about some of the things that they have achieved, this usually managers to cheer me up.


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