Happy Wednesday

I’m sat on a packed commuter train (feeling pathetically grateful to actually having a seat) compiling this post whilst thinking about the day ahead. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the day to day workings of a business and because of this to forget the important stuff. I’m reminded of this as I recently revisited Covey’s “Big Rocks” theory, this is where he demonstrates how a laser like focus on the wildly important will help ensure that you achieve your goals. Anyway, as I’m currently combining the role of area manager and managing director I’m finding that it takes a lot of effort to ensure that I don’t lose focus on our strategic objectives. To be fair, in quite fortunate as I have a strong team of managers and consequently very few “issue” shops which ensures that I get to keep firefighting to a minimum which allows me to spend time making a difference as opposed to spending time solving day to day issues.


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