Given the number of events that I will be attending in the near future I thought it worth dedicating a post to the art of presenting, not that I consider myself a particularly good presenter but I do my best! 

It’s worth stating from the outset that I’m incurably introverted both on the traditional and Myers Briggs sense of the word. I have little self confidence and am useless at small talk, having said that I make a reasonably job or pretending otherwise. Part of the trick of being an effective presenter it to enjoy it, trying to ignore the fact that you are stood up in front a room full of people has always worked for me. What also works is trying to be as natural as possible, I don’t read from a script but prefer to have some bullet points jotted down on a sheet of paper as an aide memoir which I occasionally refer to. I try and maintain eye contact with the audience and be as expressive as possible in my body language, I also try and move about a bit on stage (unless I have to stand behind a lecturn) as I find that this make the whole thing appear more dynamic 

My final piece of advice is to try speak relatively slowly and not be afraid to throw in the odd joke.


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