Made it! It’s been a long week to say the least but it’s been productive. We have signed off most of the products for the April launch, we have agreed on marketing collateral and are most of the way towards being ready for the new food photo shoot which takes place a week on Monday and finally we launched our app based click and collect platform on Thursday which achieved really good sales on its first full day.

Talking of app, we are really excited about the numbers of people who are downloading it and using it on an every day basis. We are currently running an in store competition for our teams with the aim being to really drive customers to our loyalty program which effectively gives you one free salad for every 6 purchases which we believe is about as generous as it gets.

We are also seeing a lot of success through our delivery channel thanks to the work of our shop teams who have really raised their game operationally. What’s really exciting is that we have yet to launch our new corporate menu and ordering/logistics platform.

I’m about to head off to a model railway exhibition as Alex (aged 4 ) is into trains, admittedly this fascination for trains has been encouraged by his father!


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