After completing an epic 14 hour workday yesterday I managed to fall asleep quite early by my standards and managed a whole 5 hours of sleep which isn’t too bad by my standards.

I’m going to be heading into work at 6:30 this morning to make some final preparations for today’s board meeting. This month’s meeting will be a little different as we will be presenting some of our new food to the rest of the board which is not so,thing that we have done before.

Other than the board meeting my focus has been on operations as we look to bed in a new operations team (most of which I’m proud to say has been home grown) . They are already making a difference as they really are getting into the detail and challenging the way that their managers think (or in some cases don’t think….) which is exactly what you need to be doing in the early days of multisite management.

Finally, we have been on the lookout for new managers, a task which is proving difficult at the moment as we have candidates failing to show up for interviews or endlessly rescheduling them.


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