It’s cold and grey outside and I’m sheltering from the weather in a Leon where I have just enjoyed a light lunch. I’ve got 4 or so hours to kill before I meet the rest of the team and head off to help out on this charity event. I had a nice stroll through Spitalfields market which is something that I haven’t done for a while, to be honest the whole area has become a little too corporate for my tastes, I remember the days when the whole area had a slightly ramshackle, bohemian feel to it. It had real character something which I think it lacks today. 
It’s amazing how quickly London is changing, they seem to be putting up new buildings everywhere you look and much of the old character is starting to be lost which is a shame.

Finally, my radio just reminded me that it’s been 30 years since the Kings Cross udreground fire. Time really has flown, 30 years ago I was a struggling musician trying to secure a recording contract, which I managed to achieve but my band failed to actually sell any records and I went back up North to secure a proper job!

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