That was the week that was

Wow what a week. It was hugely busy but very rewarding and I managed to get a lot done.

I spent a chunk of time planning for my next three months with ChangePlease and along with the advisory board have come up with a simple, robust plan which should add value really quickly. As a charity we are hugely fortunate to have some very talented people who have been willing to give up their time to support what ChangePlease is trying to achieve and I have really enjoy working with them, their support will be essential in moving things forward.

My meeting with a recruiter went well, he certainly made me reflect on just how tough the last few months have been. Not that I am feeling sorry for myself as I learned a huge amount and it’s this experience which will be invaluable going forward. I am pleased that I managed to get though some grim times with my sense of humour intact and my ability to focus on the task in hand undiminished. I’m not a big believer in “mea culpas”, I’m more interested in how you move forward and when you are in a tight spot it’s easy to get distracted. I recall attending a BK conference and listening to a speaker who was an ex USAF fighter pilot, he talked about plan crashes and how pilots were taught to work their way methodically through a check list of things that they might do to save the plane whilst ignoring the very real possibility that that they were about to die. The last few months have brought this message home to me and whilst I am not comparing what happened to me and my colleagues with a plane crash there are some parallels to be drawn.

To end on a light note, I have the prospect of a weekend with my family and spending some quality time with my son.

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