Work/Life Balance

Not having had a proper holiday since August (Christmas doesn’t count as I spent a huge amount of time getting the prepack deal for Vital over the line) I’ve taken a few days off this week just to give myself a bit of a break. I won’t be away until April when I head off to Spain to finalise the sale of my flat, I’ve had it for years but it doesn’t get the use it should so it’s hard to justify keeping it. The sale is part of a plan to really reduce our outgoings, this leaves me better placed to take on contracting work which is interesting and varied as opposed to my having to chase every last pound. What this has also meant is that I am spending more time actually living at home as opposed to living in London which means I see rather more of my family than I used to. My son is five and time is flying, I want him to get to know his father properly as opposed to my not seeing him all week. I am also enjoying the variety of projects that I am involved with, I am able to contribute more and am learning quite a bit at the same time. I am also really enjoying helping small businesses grow, its rewarding to take a founders vision and help take it to the next level.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be back on the corporate ladder at some point but for now I’m enjoying myself too much.

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