Building your LinkedIn Network

I’ve often talked about building up a good network of contacts so I wanted to take a moment to talk about how I go about building my LinkedIn network

1. If anyone views my profile I automatically ask them to connect with me

2. I look for context across the platform that I find interesting and connect with the author

3. I spend at least 45 minutes a day on the platform and always publish at least one item on a daily basis

4. I try and share articles which I believe people in my network will find useful

5. I always share posts that my contacts have put out, these are usually about seeking a new role or offering their services. I believe that it’s important to support others within my network.

6. I schedule at least 6 face to face meetings with people within my network every month.

7. I respond to interesting posts as I believe that engaging with your contacts is always important.

8. I generally avoid putting out anything too controversial

9. This platform isn’t Facebook! I keep my posts focused on business

10. I try and avoid sending out a stream of “inspirational quotes” as I find it annoying to see the same quote 10 times or more!

All of the above has worked for me, this obviously doesn’t mean that they will work for you but they are worth a try

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