Almost On Holiday

It’s been a tough year, it was round about this time last year that I had a hip problem which took me months to recover from and which was extremely painful. It was around this time last year that I had my last proper holiday as even though I took a couple of weeks off in August I was still in a lot of pain which really marred my time off. So finally, after a year I’m taking a break, well it’s not really a break as I am going over to Spain to complete the sale of my apartment which I have had for years but can no longer justify keeping.

I’m driving over as I have quite a bit of stuff to pick up and I actually find the drive quite relaxing, I’m also looking forward to getting out of this rather miserable weather which at the moment is just depressing.

Work wise, I am heading over to Leicester for a site visit before going back to Solihull to conduct an interview.

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