Good Grain Bakery

I am sharing a LinkedIn post from Tara who founded the Good Grain Bakery, enjoy!

Weekends are for catching up with yourself, friends and family. Don’t let dietary restrictions get in the way of the important stuff. If you’re like me and fed up of free from products resembling a chemistry set, try our Good Grain Bakery natural and organic range. Our activated charcoal bread is proving to be a popular choice

We are crowdfunding so you literally could own a slice of my tasty and healthy bakery.

Our aim is to improve our packaging, change some more of our process to increase shelf life naturally, scale and automate some of the manufacturing process and build a robust team to disrupt the free from market.

I developed all the Good Grain Bakery recipes. I can bake gluten free bread with and without all of our competitors ingredients so this puts my knowledge and know how much ahead of competition.

What’s more is that I will continue to build my skills to stay ahead but I need to build my team in order to free up more of my time for business and product development.

We also offer a non organic range of product free from the 14 allergens suitable for vegans. Please get in touch if your foodservice business is looking for artisan gluten free and vegan bread offerings.

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