This blog is going back to first principles

Yesterday was a day of contrasts, some highs and some lows and it ended with my feeling exhausted but excited. I’m looking forward to moving this blog back to what it once was, namely a window into the daily life of a business. This has been difficult in my current role as the brand has pretty strict social media guidelines which if course is their prerogative and which I have observed.

I think people were genuinely interested in reading my insights into the businesses that I was responsible for and I’ve not been satisfied with this blog in its current format as I wasn’t able to make it interesting enough.

I originally started blogging when I was ops director for a with over 7000 employees as a means of reaching out to them and giving them an insight into what I was doing and why. I hope to be doing this again soon

Expect to see the changes develop slowly over the coming weeks

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