My father

I don’t usually blog about personal stuff but people who know me well will know that the last few months have been rather difficult for me and my family. I don’t want to dwell on that but do want to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of my father.

Like many Italians of his generation he come to the UK in the early sixties to find a better life. He had trained as a Maitre D in Italy and worked at this for a while in London. He then set up his first restaurant in Harrogate before going off to work for THF running hotels. He really wasn’t suited to corporate life and went back to running his own businesses which included night clubs and then jewellery shops (he was nothing if not versatile) before opening a large restaurant in Middlesbrough which was open for many years and which is still fondly remembered. Along with this restaurant he bought a country house hotel (not a good idea but he eventually converted it into houses which was a much better idea) and opened an Italian healthy eating place in Sunderland (of all places) which didn’t do very well.

After an adventure with a restaurant in Italy which is best forgotten he opened his final restaurant which he did well with for a number of years before selling it to his restaurant manager who still runs the restaurant.

He also managed to write two books (one a comical look at dieting and the other his memoirs) which he published via Amazon and which are still a available.

I could never have done what he has done as I’m far less risk averse and much more suited to corporate life. His achievements certainly overshadow mine as he started life without any of the advantages which he was able to give me.

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