Taking Stock

I’m catching up on emails and going through my diary for next week this morning as I prepare for a return to work tomorrow.

The last few weeks have been exciting and in many ways we have made some real progress. The attitude and willingness to embrace change remains fantastic amongst our teams. We have brought some new people in who have hit the ground running and the new menu has so far been well received by customers and staff. Whilst all of this is cause for quiet satisfaction there still remain some structural issues within the business which we need to tackle if we are going to maintain our rate of progress and achieve our goals for the year.

On a separate note, my diet and fitness regime is gathering pace, I’ve so far lost 10 pounds and and am getting fitter. I’ve invested in a set of scales and and a heart rate monitoring belt from MYZ which link to an app via Bluetooth which monitors a whole host of body metrics. So far I’m sticking to my plan which should see me lose two and half stone by the time I go away in August.

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