Conference Part 3

I had intended to write this post last night but I didn’t get home until late and I was tired after a long day and I have an early start today so I needed to sleep!

The event went far better than I could have ever wished for. Everyone involved put a lot of work into the event and this really made a difference to the impact it made on the colleagues who attended.

My favourite presentation was the one delivered by our head of marketing as there has been a huge amount of work on how Pat Val will evolve into a modern Patisserie and everyone was really excited by what they saw and heard.

Every presentation was well received and the feedback was that our colleagues liked what they heard and were enthusiastic about our plans.

The venue was fantastic and the whole event came across as very slick and professional and I’m proud of the whole team as everyone worked hard to make the event such a success.

We now have two challenges, firstly is to deliver on what we talked about and secondly is to retain the engagement and enthusiasm with which our teams left the event. This is not going to be easy but I’m confident that the team can deliver!

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