Life on the road

I’m living a nomadic life at the moment, never staying at the same hotel twice and travelling around the country. Yesterday’s trip to Scotland was via the train which gave me plenty of time to go through P&Ls on a store by store basis ahead of tomorrow’s review, I have three pages worth of notes so feeling reasonably prepared!

Back to hotels, it’s the small things that make a difference. For example, a check in process that is fast and efficient, the hotel being close to my arrival point (I don’t mind a stroll but trekking half way across a city isn’t my idea of fun) plus a decent iron that actually irons a shirt which my current hotel cannot manage. You would like the hotel to be quiet and for there to be some air flow to the room as I for one cannot sleep if a room is too hot. This list may sound a little petty but trust me it’s the little things that make a difference!

I’m out and about in Glasgow and Edinburgh today before travelling back to Birmingham tomorrow.

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