Telling truth to power

I don’t claim to be the sharpest tool in the box, or indeed the most enlightened person around. Any level of success that I may have achieved across my career has been predicated on hard work and an ability to understand my limitations and attempt (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to minimise their impact. This is what I consider to be my single biggest attribute. Now, people often ask me what is the most important attribute I look for when recruiting a team and whilst this isn’t the easiest question to answer, if I were pressed to give an answer I would say that it’s about them having the confidence to be honest about things and to disagree when they feel that I am wrong. I would also say that they need to back up reasons for this disagreement with some sort of tangible evidence. However, I would not simply dismiss someone’s opinion as sometimes you cannot always back an argument up with facts, you sometimes get a sense about things based on lived experience.

That’s probably enough philosophy for today as it’s Friday and almost the weekend.

I took this photo whilst walking past and art gallery and forwarded it onto my wife who understands art (she has a fine arts degree) far better than I do. To me it’s a random collection of sticks but then what do I know!

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