More book stuff

I’m planning a trip to see my mother in the coming days. It will be nice to take some time out from what has been a hectic few months. It also gives me a little more time to work on my book which is starting to come together. At its heart is my blog and I am using my daily blog posts from the time as mini chapters so it will read like a diary. I plan to add more detail around what was going on at the time plus my own thoughts and feelings. What it isn’t going to be is some sort of hatchet job. I have no axe to grind with anyone that I worked with at the time, in fact I retain a deep respect for my colleagues and their efforts to save BHS. I don’t plan to name any names in my book and any opinions that I had on my colleagues I will be keeping to myself. Instead, the book will focus on my efforts to improve the catering business and my triumphs and disasters and some detail as to why I did what I did.

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