Sunny South West

After attending a useful networking session yesterday I’m now in sunny Taunton to meet up with someone that I’m hoping to work with. I had some time on my hands yesterday so managed to complete the first draft of my book. So far, I’ve managed to tidy up the grammar and turn the download from my WordPress site into a word document. I’ve got rid of the most boring posts and dealt with most of the spelling issues. Now comes the hard part of adding some “colour” to my blog entries. Thankfully I have a good memory so will be adding in some anecdotes such as a manager we hired being so bad that the staff felt sorry for them. I remember going to their unit and standing in disbelief as I surveyed the shambles around me. You know that things aren’t going well when your senior operator is busy washing dishes, mind you, I’m convinced that he was hiding from me…..

This made me chuckle

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