Self isolating

My wife had mild symptoms of Corona virus a couple of weeks ago so the whole family has been on lock down since then. I had an even milder version than she did and that was bad enough so my heart goes out to people who have a more serious version of this disease as it must be truly scary.

I’m also a little frustrated that I was unable to get out and do something to help. Being stuck indoors is not my idea (or anyone else’s) idea of fun but we have got through it.

I’m spending some more time on my book which is actually quite an interesting experience as I am able to relive just over a year of my life. The mistakes that I made at that time jump out at me from the pages of my book and I am left wondering what I might have done differently. If nothing else, writing this book has been helpful in helping me learning a few lessons

A scene from our local pub, I’m hoping to pay it a visit at some point in the near future

2 thoughts on “Self isolating

  1. Hoping you and the family are getting through this


    1. Thanks Judith, the symptoms were mild. Hope all ok with you.


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