Exit Strategy

Some of the people I have been speaking to as part of my project work have been asking about exit strategies when the current lock down ends. There is a huge amount of uncertainty as to how things will go but my best guess is that there could be one of three scenarios.

1. The least likely is that everyone is allowed to open their businesses and go back to normal in one go. This is the least likely option as the virus will not disappear that easily and given how long businesses have been shut and people have been off work, opening everything in one go will be difficult

2. Start with takeaway only for everyone. This is very likely indeed as part of a gradual relaxation of social distancing measures. On a personal note, this is great news for SayLaLaLa as the business is effectively a delivery platform which introduces vendors to drivers

3. Opening businesses but with a measure of social distancing. This could work but will heavily impact sales.

My worry, is not about businesses being mothballed, it’s how they emerge from being mothballed without Burning through a lot of cash.

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