Book Update

I haven’t mentioned my book much in recent weeks, this is simply because I haven’t really had much time to work on it. I’m determined to get it finished so I have made myself sit down and spend 30 minutes on it each day.

The book is based on my blog and covers my time at BHS, from October 2013 until January 2015 when I left to work in Kuwait. This means that the format of the book is similar to a diary. It’s been a long process as stage one was to download the relevant part of my blog from my hosting site, then this needed to be cleaned up as the download had bits of code all over it and the font was a bit strange.

I’m now on the second stage where I am tidying up each day’s entry and deleting things that aren’t really interesting. I am also adding a lot more detail and adding paragraphs where I look back on those days and reflect on what I was doing at the time. I should have this stage completed by August.

The final stage will be where I give the language a polish, ensure that there is a narrative and that parts of my story are properly developed and that the whole thing hangs together and reads well. This stage should take another three months and then it’s a case of getting a cover and title sorted and have it uploaded to Amazon in time for Christmas!

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