A day best forgotten

Yesterday was not a good day, I hadn’t slept well the night before so didn’t feel myself when I woke up. One of my clients asked me to meet him in his office which is a 90 minute drive away which meant attempting to reschedule a few things. I then managed to spill coffee all over my laptop, I initially though it was just a drop and clean it up but then realised there was loads of the stuff all over the place. Sadly, this realisation came too late so the silly thing has expired.

To make matters worse, I had a call with a client and a potential investor which started late which meant I missed another meeting. The investor meeting was a bit rubbish as they could not get the tech to work and I ended up trying to listen in to the meeting on my phone.

The rest of the day wasn’t much of a improvement so today I’m going to be scrambling around getting a new laptop and setting it up thereby wasting half the day.

Oh well. On a more positive note, it’s my birthday today, so happy birthday to me.

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