I seem to be working way harder as a consultant than I did when I was a full time employee which appears to fly in the face of the accepted wisdom that becoming a consultant means you spend as much time on a golf course as you do in a board room. I don’t mind hard work and I am enjoying the sheer variety of the work that I do but like many people, I’m finding that earning a living during what I can only describe as the biggest crisis to have hit the leisure and hospitality sector in my lifetime is both difficult and frustrating in equal measure. One of the consolations of living through this period is that you cannot fail to grow as a person and that’s certainly the case for me.

I don’t want any of the above sound like self pity as I genuinely count myself lucky to be in this situation. I’m earning a living doing something that I hugely enjoy without any of the pressures that I might have had were I still the MD of a medium sized business.

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