Testing Shambles

Let me start by declaring that I am a life long Tory. Let me also say that I didn’t vote for Boris in the recent Tory party leadership election. However, I would have preferred Boris over Corbyn.

Having got all of the above off my chest I have to declare that I have watched the current testing fiasco with a mixture of horror and despair. How do senior people in the healthcare sector and government manage to get these things so wrong? It hardly takes a genius to do some short term demand analysis and if they have why did they not pick up the fact that as the kids went back to school there would be a surge in demand for tests?

I don’t normally deal with politics in my daily blog updates but I could contain myself no longer. People need to get a grip of this situation and they need to do so quickly. They could do a lot worse than to bring in some senior people from the world of business have had practical, hand on experience of planning and coordinating.

Anyway. Rant over!

I’m in sunny London today for a meeting and a series of zoom calls plus I’m taking time to catch myself up with things.

2 thoughts on “Testing Shambles

  1. Paolo
    I share your frustration- this is not about politics- this is about a ‘War’. A war on an enemy that has rendered a major adverse impact on our civilisation and threatens the life of our citizens.
    I do not concur with a call to bring in senior industry experts.
    We should do what countries do at times of war – mobilise our armed services to provide the logistics and manpower to fight the enemy. They are experts and if they can fight a war like The Falklands thousands of miles away – they can certainly do it on the doorstep, and they are already paid for whether we use them or not.
    So let’s mobilise them now to provide the required focus to deliver us all from this evil.

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    1. I’m more than happy to bring in anyone who can get this mess organized!


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