Covid 19 & A Busy Sunday

After effectively ignoring work yesterday I’m back in the saddle today. I have my weekly accounts to do which doesn’t take long as I use quick books. I then need to finalise an offer on a property for one of my clients as we want to submit this on Monday morning, for the same client I need to work out the financials for a price led marketing campaign which goes live next month. I’m also looking to put in an offer on a second property for another client.

I have the agenda for tomorrow’s meetings to send out and some one of ones to book with the SayLaLaLa team as tomorrow I will be spending the whole day on calls with the various team members.

I’m only in London for one day next week and will be spending the rest of the week working from home as I have a list of things to go through and other tasks to complete.

What is a worry is the rising Covid infection levels. At the moment there appear to be two schools of thought.

Option 1. Don’t panic as this is not a second wave, we testing more so the infection rate is lower and local initiatives will deal with things.

Option2. Panic! Test and trace isn’t working, we aren’t testing enough, we have exponential growth and are only two weeks behind France.

I’m not entirely sure what the man in the street will make of all the above as it’s confusing as hell. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to limit my exposure to other people, wear a face mask when required to, have socially distanced face to face meetings and take plenty of vitamin D. Alongside this, I’m never without a bottle of alcohol based hand gel.

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