Can things get any worse?

I enjoy following current affairs and spend quite a lot of my time keeping up with local/national events and unsurprisingly I have spent quite a bit of time trying to understand Covid as a disease and our governments response to it.

My understanding of the disease has led me to try and get healthier, I fast intermittently, have cut right down on alcohol (not that I drank all that much) and am making a long overdue attempt to get thinner and healthier. I also take precautions, I wear a mask when I am supposed to, have reduced my social contacts and try and work from home where possible.

What I cannot understand is the absolute shambles that the authorities are making of their response. In the early days of the pandemic I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt but not now. It doesn’t take a genius to know that having the pubs all kick out at the same time is a recipe for trouble, it also doesn’t take a genius to know that that testing capacity needs to grow as soon as the kids go to school or that perhaps this year most students should have focused on distance learning. Apparently it does take a genius as we managed to screw all of the above up.

Finally, is there any chance that the authorities can coordinate their messaging? Having various professors publicly disagreeing as not a sight that is going to make people feel confident. Nor is the sight of politicians squabbling.

I genuinely fear for this country.

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