10 pm Curfew- science or stupidity?

I’ve supported this government throughout most of this pandemic, I even voted for them but enough is enough. I’m struggling to think of a stupider policy than the 10pm curfew. I see no basis for it any any of the scientific analysis that I have read and as far as I can see, the only country that has deployed it is Belgium and their cases are increasing.

Which genius decided this policy? Whoever they are, they need to be dismissed for abject stupidity. Who knew that kicking thousands of people out at the same time was going to have this effect? Well, pretty much anyone who have been to a large concert or sporting event for starters. All that appears to be happening is that people spill out of pubs and clubs and head to the nearest booze store, talk about the law of unintended consequences.

Out industry has already been given a good kicking by Covid and this is just making things impossible as venues that were open later lose trade.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all on the government as there appear to be plenty of people who are not being sensible as they go about their daily lives and some of the hospitality venues I know of have been less than diligent when applying the rules.

The reality is simple. Covid is here to stay until a significant medical intervention is conceived or we have some sort of vaccine. Until this time, it’s not to much to ask to behave responsibly and own your actions – is it? Unless we as a nation get a grip then we are going to suffer both in terms of our health and the economy.

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