My New IPad & How I am Helping To Kill The High Street

I love my IPad. I do pretty much everything on it. Streaming TV, listening to music, virtually all of my shopping. Banking, reading and all of my zoom/teams/Skype meetings.

My old one has come to the end of its contract to be replaced with a shiny new, 12 inch IPad Pro. It’s the size of a small TV which makes it easier to watch the various streaming services.

People talk about the death of the high street and I suppose that I am contributing to this state of affairs. I simply cannot be bothered to get into my car and drive to the shops, fight for parking, and then wonder around a large store online to find that they don’t have what I want when I can go on Amazon and via my prime subscription order what I want and it will generally arrive either the sale day or the next day.

Even our eating out habits have changes as there are so many great meal kits out there that offer restaurant quality food (the pizza meal kit from Pizza Pilgrims is especially nice) so if you so wish, you can avoid the hassle of going to eat out.

I recognise that I am currently in a minority but it’s not too hard to imagine a future where people do everything via their tablets so what happens to the high street? What happens to hospitality? There will always be a demand for an amazing experience, a place to make memories but the days of substandard eateries offering “routine refuelling opportunities are surely on the way out.

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