Management consultants adding value?

To some people, the idea of management consultants does not give them a warm fuzzy feeling, instead it conjures up images of sharp suited sharks who charge outrageous fees to tell you what you already knew anyway. Whilst there might be a tiny minority of management consultants who fit this bill (to be fair, I’ve met a few myself including one prize idiot who was convinced that he could take 20% off my overall wage bill) but the vast majority are hard working, vastly experienced professionals who have “been there and bought the T shirt” and who can deploy that experience for the benefit of your business.

So if you are an SME why would you engage a management consultant? If I can take myself as an example (this is my blog after all) then I usually work for an affordable and sometimes modest retainer (I understand the argument about “devaluing myself” but many a small business cannot even begin to afford a large daily fee) which gives them access to me on a daily basis. I don’t usually have specific days for specific clients as their business doesn’t wait for their “day” with me to come along. I act as a sounding board for ideas, I have access to a vast network of people who I can introduce them to and have a wide experience of working with brands and various sized businesses.

Let’s take this week as an example.

I have supported a client through the legal process for a new unit

Concluded a deal on a new unit for another client

Spent a day taking strategy with a potential client which I believe has helped them clarify their thinking

Introduced a client to an amazing design agency and an experienced market professional

Created an IT working group for a client and given this client ongoing support through obtaining advanced assurance for the EIS scheme

This gives you an insight into how I (and many other management consultants) can add real value to your business

I know loads of experienced professionals who could do an awesome job for people so feel free to get in touch, even if I am not right for your business I probably know someone who is!

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