Hospitality Isn’t Fun At The Moment

As we emerge from our second lock down and enter a tiered system it’s fair to say that now is not the best time to be running a hospitality business. Hardly anyone is in the lowest tier and the other tiers are more restrictive than the previous tiers. To be fair, deaths are still high and as we approach flu season it won’t take much for hospitals to be swamped by COVID patients (most people don’t appear to realise that NHS capacity has been cut as they have to dedicate part of the hospital to COVID patients) which is not what anybody wants.

Whilst there is some government support available the general consensus is that it’s unlikely to be enough and the trickle of administrations and liquidations will become a torrent in the new year. This should not surprise anyone as Christmas this year will be be a total wash out for everyone apart from the online retailers.

So what’s to be done? Those businesses fortunate enough to come out the other side of this in one piece will need to closely examine everything that they do to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. Using technology to ensure efficiency, having a clear and simple customer journey, friendly efficient staff and a decent e-commerce/delivery business are all going to be even more important that they were previously. Keeping a close eye on your cash and your outgoings will also be hugely important.

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