It’s been a bit of a week

All in all it’s been a “so so” week. On the plus side, looking at my November accounts I see that this month was my most profitable since I started my consultancy, this was very much helped by my expenses being close to zero thanks to lockdown. Also a positive was finishing off a business plan for a client (I will now be find raising for them) and having a great meeting with one of my regular clients yesterday where we agreed to execute my franchising plan for their business which should see their first franchised outlet opening in Autumn next year. Also in the positive category is my work with Chef Share. I’m hugely fortunate to work with a founder who thinks deeply about his business and who considers his next steps. What’s hugely exciting is that in the short time we have been working together we have seen a number of opportunities come along which we will be able to take advantage of.

On the minus side is one of my regular clients. It’s a frustrating situation which I won’t elaborate on but a situation which I am going to have to take steps to resolve.

What is also frustrating is that there are a number of “irons in the fire” which are tantalisingly just out of reach.

Finally, to end this post on a positive, it’s great to see some of the hospitality team at GJC pick up new projects. We have a couple of sales people within the practice and a hugely talented marketing director on board who are adding real value to the business. We are working on some exciting projects and are planning to really expend the practice.

My 8 year old has been going to gymnastics since he was three. This is him warming up for a competition (which he won) displaying his flexibility. A talent which he did not inherit from me!

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