So far, so good

It’s been a good week so far. The acquisition that I have been working on for a few weeks has just about completed and I will go into detail over the weekend. I will also write up the project and publish it via the GJC website as it’s been a really good case study and is the first acquisition that the GJC hospitality team has been involved in.

In other news, Nurses Direct move into their new offices today and its great to this the three directors making real progress with their business. I will be writing more about this great business over the coming days but suffice to say that it’s been a real pleasure working with them.

Saylalala have closed a funding round which is their second friends and family round. This means that the business has the resources to really push forwards and we have started by bringing on a new BDM. We have our latest version of our app going live next week and we are about to start looking for an office.

I have also been heavily involved in the design and planning stage for a third location for one of my other clients. I am busy helping them put together a franchise system and we are making good progress. We have assembled a really talented team for this project and I have every expectation that the end result is going to look amazing.

Alongside my other projects I am busy fund raising for two other clients and am still working on a second acquisition. After a few bumps in the road I am feeling more confident about all three projects

Just a reminder that my book will be out in May

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