BHS Book

I’m busy reformatting my book to get it ready for the kindle version (I also plan to release it as a paperback) and this work should be completed over the weekend. I have set up a Facebook page where I will be posting photos from my BHS days and hopefully setting up a small community. My marketing plans are set and the art work is complete so all that remains for me to do is complete the formatting and launch the book. It’s going to be priced at £3.99 which I feel is just about right and I have set myself a rather modest sales target of 1500 copies.

The book is based on this blog and I have added in far more detail than I was able to publish at the time. The book aims to be an honest “Warts and all” look at my time at BHS as well as recording some of my thoughts I business and current affairs. It’s not a hatchet job, I have no axe to grind as I generally had an enjoyable 14 months with BHS and am genuinely grateful for the support of my time and the wider business. If I am hard in anyone in the book, it’s myself. I honest about the mistakes I made and honest about my frustrations. I try and recognise individuals (Without naming them) and touch on the great work which my team did in what was ultimately a doomed attempt to turn back the tide of time.

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