The place my Nan used to take me for tea

My book is out in kindle format and I’m still tweaking the cover for the print version. I’m hopeful that it will be out next week. It’s been an interesting experience writing the book as it’s made me revisit a specific period in my life. A period when so much was happening, I had a new baby, I’d not long left Egypt, we had recently moved to Nantwich from London and I had a new job. of I’m honest with myself, at times it all felt overwhelming.

The BHS project ultimately failed. My personally views was that their hospitality business was too far gone (as was the rest of the business) and that our attempts to improve things were always going to be an exercise in futility. People have asked why we didn’t go down the Debenhams route and bring in third party suppliers. This is something which I considered and actually spoke to a few people about but there was little interest from third parties in opening branded restaurants inside BHS and we had nowhere near the capex required to make this a reality for ourselves.

The book is available on Amazon by following this link

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