Reaction to our latest way of reducing food waste has been positive and I’m hopeful that we can build upon this and make our HappYaY initiative as popular as our FriYaY has become. It’s actually a year since we started FriYaY and the queues within our stores at 2:30 on a Friday are a testament to just how much people have been looking forward to their end of week treat.

In other news we are holding meetings with our key suppliers over the next couple of days, partly as we are just about to conclude a very successful negotiation which will have some really positive implications for our business and customers plus we are utilising their development chefs to help us come up with a range of fruit salads which should hopefully be a step forward from what we are currently selling.

Staying on the food theme we are about to launch some wonderful sweet treats which are both skinny and delicious, they have been on trial in our Baker Street store and have been well received by our customers.


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