We are a week or so away from the first release of our App, we are still making some tweaks to the design and functionality but we are more or less there. We have already started to communicate this news to our Club Vital members and are receiving a positive response from people which is really encouraging after all of the hard work which has gone into this project.

We have striven to make the app self contained so if you are on a mobile device you won’t need to leave the app for any reason as it will have all of the information and functionality require for you to pay, earn and burn points, order a delivery, click and collect and find out more about our loyalty scheme.

We plan to use push notifications to communicate with our customers and are currently working on a set of offers/treats for loyal customers. The great thing about push notifications is that they appeal to millennials who make up over 40% of our customer base, they also allow us to target specific groups of people rather than sending out blanket emails on a “push and pray” basis.

This does not mean that we will be neglecting our email data base, our plan is to continue to grow this and to use this audience for more content orientated marketing as opposed to a medium for offers and giveaways.

The app will shortly be released on both IOS and Android.


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