End of the year and the importance of family

It’s been a tough year both personally and professionally and as 2017 draws to a close I plan to reflect on the past year and look forwards to 2018.

I’ve been at Vital for close to three years and it’s been a rollercoaster ride, the highlight being getting the deal with LDC which was significant for the business and for me personally was a fantastic learning opportunity. Since we did the deal it’s fair to say that things haven’t exactly gone to plan, we lost our second biggest store to redevelopment, our FD was taken ill and eventually exited the business and we have had some false starts with regards to operations. Despite all of this (and more) it’s been a strong year with regards to the brand, we now have a strong breakfast offer, a credible delivery offer, a best in class app and a hot food range which runs the best in class quite close.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of the past year I’m proud of the fact that I have stayed positive and that I have been able to deal with whatever life has thrown at me. I couldn’t have down any of this without the support of my amazing wife who really has put up with a lot over the years. We make a great team and without her there is no way that I would have been as successful in my career. I’m also blessed with a wonderful little boy who has just turned five and who keeps me grounded.

Whatever 2018 brings I’m certain that with the continued support of my family I’m ready to face it head on

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