Risk Taking

I’m something of a pragmatist which I have always felt has been a benefit throughout my career in operations. Seven years ago, I took on my first general management role (in Egypt of all places) and quickly learned that whilst pragmatism is no bad thing, there are times when you need to “shoot for the stars” and accept that there will be a few bumps along the way. Looking back on the last seven years I’m astonished at how much risk (for someone who always considered himself risk averse) I have taken when choosing new roles. I have opted for exciting businesses which had huge potential but were not the most stable. I’ve also spent time as a consultant working on a number of projects.

There has been success and unsuccess along the way but despite the various bumps in the road (some of those bumps have been pretty hefty) I’ve enjoyed myself and grown both as a person and as a professional and I consider myself fortunate to have been on this journey.

I am close to being a year into my current “project” which feels like a good time to reflect of the good and the not so good and ensure that I have learnt lessons on the way. I remain both an optimist and optimistic and am looking forward to driving this wonderful brand onwards and upwards.

My photo for today harks back in time

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