Advice for job seekers

The lovely people at Prysm (that put on industry relevant exhibitions) are asking for contributions for their website from people within the industry and are very kindly providing a link to my blog.

My advice for people looking for a job within the industry is to accept that for the moment the jobs market is going to be non existent but to keep in mind that when this is over the hospitality industry will still need good people so now is the time to get yourself ready.

1. Really give your c.v. a going over, make sure that it is well presented and demonstrates your key skills and the tangible ways in which you could add value. Have colleagues or others within the industry give it the once over and give you feedback

2. Update your LinkedIn profile in line with your c.v. Ensure that you will in every section and to ensure that you have chosen the option that allows people to see that you are looking for work

3. LinkedIn is your friend! Make new connections, follow interesting people, share relevant content and comment on interesting articles.

4. Start thinking about how you would present yourself in an interview, how would you answer potential questions? How can you best summarise your career?

None of these things will guarantee you a job but it does no harm to get yourself ready

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