More advice for people in the F&B sector

It’s another strange day, large swathes of the country are under lock down. I published some advice people yesterday and wanted to add to this.

1. I wrote about preparing your c.v. etc yesterday and today is more about preparing yourself.

2. This could well be a time to focus on personal development as many of us have some time on our hands!

3. It does not necessarily need to be formal, there are tons of free resources on LinkedIn which you can access

4. You can look at more formal, short term courses. Perhaps improving your excel skills or communication skills

5. Keeping you mind a active during a period of enforced idleness is important. If none of the above works for you, perhaps read a book, or listen to an audio book.

There are no easy answers at the moment, my simple message is for the moment, keep trying to stretch yourself

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