Death of the high street?

If nothing else, Covid appears to have accelerated the correction which was heading towards the UK high street. Expensive/limited parking, increased traffic and sub optimal public transport facilities have all played their part in deterring shoppers. Alongside this you have to look at the sheer convenience of the internet.

If you take me as an example. I’m an oldish Generation X male and yet I manage to do pretty much everything (including writing this blog) from the comfort of my iPad Pro. I stream most of my TV, all of my music. Do all my personal and business banking along with my business accounts. I pay my bills, I book tickets to events, buy my clothes and groceries. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I went into a shop to actually buy something.

I’m hardly an exception either. If you look at Generation z (everyone up to the age of 24/25) they have grown up with the idea of Amazon Prime and Alexa (if my son wants to check the spelling of a word he asks Alexa and not his parents) and on demand streaming services. How motivated will he and his friends be to “hang out” in shopping malls when they get older?

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