Self promotion

As a consultant I spend a fair bit of time telling as many people who can be bothered to listen all about myself. I have a website and this blog as well as a company page on LinkedIn. After having taken a short course in digital marketing I realised just how much more work was needed to market myself so now I have a digital marketing manager doing a few hours a week for me which will hopefully help to expose my services to a wider audience and I’m hoping to seen a pick up in my website traffic. I’m also planning to deploy a chat bot on my site which should answer peoples questions and put them in touch with me if they have any questions.

In terms of today, I have a days work for a client who is looking to buy a business so I will be spending the day checking out said business and meeting with my client.

This means a trip to London and an arrival time prior to 8:30 am as I have a call with an EPOS provider.

Finally, I have somewhat neglected my book so I plan to crack on with it this week as I really want this draft completed by mid September.

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