A new day and more dodgy numbers

I followed the performance of Valance and Witty as they appeared in front of a commons committee and I couldn’t help wondering how the vagueness of their “scenario” could credibly be used to plunge the country into another damaging lock down. The 4000 deaths per day “dodgy dossier” has been debunked and even the two of them admitted that it took no account of recent mitigation measures – so why on earth even wheel the wretched thing out? There is strong evidence that the tier 3 restrictions are working and that cases overall have plateaued and might even be dipping across the country and that also the “r” could be close to or even below one. Far more learned people then myself are seeing no justification for a lockdown and frankly neither do I.

Having spent a whole two days with the Saylalala team my attention turns to my other clients for the rest of the week. I am spending part of the day in a business planning session with an old friend today during which I will be taking part in an important zoom call with the Chefshare team and then driving down to Plymouth for tomorrow’s board meeting where we will hopefully get a deal over the line which will add an important second revenue stream to the business

I’m back in Cheshire on Friday where I will be cracking in with another business plan which is what will occupy me for part of the weekend also.

Just a reminder that you can interact with Tina on the Saylalala website

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