Here we go again

I’ve avoided following the US election as I can only deal with a certain amount of madness at any one time and what’s currently going on in the UK is more than enough madness for me.

I’m sat in a hotel in Plymouth and the place is virtually deserted ahead of the lockdown which is now in force. I’m here for an important meeting which needed to be done face to face. We plan to sit in a socially distanced manner in a well ventilated room and I will be wearing a face mask. After today I expect to be working mainly from home.

Yesterday was a good day. I spent part of the day going through some potential growth strategies with someone that I hope to be working with before jumping on a zoom call which has yielded some interesting new business for ChefShare. I then got myself from Birmingham to Plymouth and spent a few hours catching up with work before bed.

I love it when we have a rainbow over our village.

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