A dark day

So after a day spent waiting for a new conference that had been widely leaked to the press we have to listen to Boris accompanied by pinky and perky explain why they would need to trash thousands of jobs and businesses.

First off, could I suggest that they employ someone who can use power point and put together a set of legible graphs.\

Secondly, why have they not given some of the recently introduced restrictions time to work (there is compelling evidence that they have worked in Liverpool) or simply beef up tier three.

Situation in Liverpool

Why on earth are students not using technology and being tutored from home. I appreciate that not all students can do this but reducing the number of students criss crossing the country is no bad thing.

We should provide a proper package of support to people who are self isolating and try and improve on the 1 on 10 people who can actually be arsed to self isolate.

I’m not saying that there are easy decisions or that people can “follow the science” when the scientific community appears unable to agree but surely the government can do a better job than this?

Has anyone even bothered to do a cost benefit analysis? If not, I have provided one below.

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